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So I operate under the VA cottage food law.  I either deliver to my customers or they pick up the cakes.  But since I live in the DC area, I get order requests from DC and MD as well.  I figure, if they client picks up the cake, whether or not there is a cottage food law in DC or MD doesn't matter, but what if the client wants the cake delivered.  Anyone else encountered this issue?  
I am by no means an expert, but I do sell my cakes.  First, I would say that the daffodil cake is very pretty.  The only issue is that the fondant over it is a little bumpy from the frosting underneath, but that's not to say it is bad.  I have seen plenty of people sell cakes like yours and laypeople be very impressed.  And no, putting m & m's on a cake isn't the highest difficulty technique, but if it's what the customer wanted and enjoys, then what does it matter, right?
Where do I look for samples?
I don't have a huge problem making fondant.  I just had to buy some chocolate fondant for a last minute cake and it was so easy to work with, I was amazed.  My marshmallow fondant is fine, but seems to tear a lot easier than the store bought.
I've been making my own marshmallow fondant, but am thinking about switching over to commercial to save time and it also seems easier to work with/tears less.  People, however, really like the taste of my marshmallow fondant and I don't really want to put fondant on a cake only for people to tear it off when they eat it.  Is there any good tasting commercial fondant that is comparable to marshmallow fondant?
Help, I made chocolate mmf fondant last night.  Three whole recipes, and now all of it just seems to crumble when I need it.  I've tried adding in Crisco, but now it's just too soft and breaks and cracks, even just teeny pieces fall apart.  Is there a fast fondant I can make, or should I just give up and buy some?  What is a good price for fondant?  Thanks for your help.
I've been having trouble getting crisp corners on my cakes using buttercream under fondant.  The buttercream just doesn't hold it's shape and ends up all rounded.  I've heard that ganache really makes great corners, but it seems like it would cost a ton more to make.  Anyone use this on all their cakes and how much more do you charge than buttercream?
Yes, thank you for all of your responses.  I definitely learned my lesson.  I was trying to decide what I would have done differently, and I think I probably would have ended up baking the cake anyway, but definitely called her Saturday again prior to decorating the cake to say that I couldn't begin work until I received payment.  Then I could have just frozen the cakes and used them for samples and tastings.  Thank you again for all the advice.  Just so annoyed that...
Also, any ideas of what to do with the cake?
So I got stiffed by a client for the first time.  I got an e-mail through my website a couple weeks ago requesting a baby shower cake.  After several exchanges of ideas with the client, I sent her a contract and requested payment.  By that point, it was only a little more than a week before the event, so I said that I would need full payment.  She still had not contacted me or paid me by the Monday of the week of the event, so I contacted her again.  I finally heard from...
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