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I would love a copy of this matrix also. I keep getting file error, not found. thank you!
If you watch his shows he will suggest for beginners using fondant to cover a cake to use the Fondarific brand. That it doesnt dry fast like the others and you have alot of time to work with it.I think it tastes great!
Me too! Anyone?
I just love this....I have to do a Harley cake next month and was thinking of trying this. Any one know how I would do this?
Where do I find this information? Is it so even if you have pets in your home? I'm in Warren and looking to start a cookie business and want to know what I need to do to get started. What do they consider non-potentially hazardous foods? Thanks!
Hi there.....I am new to this board and also new to cookie and cake decorating. I've gotten some interest from people wanting me to do cookies for them and I have no idea what to charge. Any suggestions?I posted some pics in my album (I don't know how to add it to this post).
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