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A while back someone posted a link to some photos of cupcakes on flickr. They had teeny tiny fondant work on them. Flowers and stepping stonea, birds, and things. So so cute. Ive been trying to find them and was wondering if any of you know who the artist was?
Is there a cutter set that tells the christmas story? I'm trying to find something that tells me which shapes to use to tell the Christmas story through sugar cookies. We have an awana program at church and I'd like to make a bag of cookies for each child and use the Christmas story as my inspiration. Can anyone help me with ideas?? Thanks so much!
my website is I am located in Crystal City Missouri, about 35 miles south of St. Louis if anyone's interested. do I go about finding a business broeker? Is it just like finding a real estate agent or something along those lines? Also, is there somewhere on here that I could list my business for sale or the contents at least? How do you liquidate???? Sorry if these are stupid questions..
I have a sole proprietorship. I started with just enough money to buy the equipment that I needed and it's been pretty much self supportive. I had an accountant and continually asked her opinion about the numbers she was seeing and never really got any conclusive answers. I made some stupid decisions in the early spring and hired some help and overpaid them. I felt like that was ok since I could pay them and pay the bills. That was ok for several months but things...
Have any of you on here had to close your business for lack of funds? I've been open for a little over a year and am out of money. A little business on the horizon but not enough to pay the bills. Do you just close the doors? Do you file bankruptcy? What's the process? Not completely positive this is the step I will take (discussing options with DH) but I am just trying to figure out how and what to do...any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I'm looking to purchase gumpaste star gazer lillies that are like a rust red in the center and orange. Does anyone know where I can find these and order them quickly? I need them by this saturday...!!
Hey Jessie! I'm in Mo too...where are you? I have Sweet Moments Cakery and there is another one in washington state. I can't really remember but I think I found it when I was searching the sec of state website to register mine. I didn't really see it as a problem since they are so far away and it hasn't been as far as I know. I think you should go for it! That's a super cute name! I do really like confectionately yours too!!
That sounds so fun! Kind of like our dollar dance at the reception. This sounds like you would be able to raise more money though and then your guests have something to show for it too!
Thank you so so much tesso!!! I appreciate your quick response and look forward to trying this! I just read through the whole thread and am making my list right now!
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