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so ive been reading all these great recipes. but alot of them use boxed mixtures. why do they do this? and do all professionals do this? i do all my cakes by hand. isnt that the way? and another thing is the sryups? why use these and what if you dont. is it cheaper to use these box mixes? i tried looking for a post to answer this but there is too many to look through. please help
i am also on a hunt for a chocolate cake that you described
[quote="eatdessert1st"]I've used this recipe for yrs. It's a wonderful tasting lemon cake. I brush it w a lemon simple syrup before icing/filling. (But I do the simple syrup for every cake I do) I adjust the ingredients for a taller cake, though.HTH,Melanie Mc.about this syrup. ive heard lots of people use it but then lots of people dont. why do you use the simple sryup? what happens if you dont use one?always been confused about it
good work. if you keep practcing youll get it perfect in no time. fondant is so fun to work with.
go to my profile for pics
thank you for all the links and help il be sure to post the outcome
hey guys. im making my dads 50th bday cake. he is beatles mania. absolutley loves them. i want it to huge with beatles decorations. how would i make them? i want to do silouhettes of them in poses and stick them on the cake. what would i make them out of? fondant? the color flow way? or the frozen transfer way? im new at this and dont know where to begin. please help!!
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