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thank you everyone, and really we won't know cos they re not being honest and changing the story. I have refunded 33% as a goodwill but it has left a bitter taste    And thank you for the compliments on the cake, it is not my original design but i got the cake makers advice and permission before using her design, hers is so much better than mine <3 
oh and she only said about the sliding top when i challenged her about it being dropped/banged 
well she has changed the story now, instead of it spontaneously crumbling away, the top started to slide off while they were driving!    it was stuck fast with royal icing so would not have moved under normal driving conditions, i have driven enough of them to know that, they must have slammed the brakes or sped round corners, they then did try to put it back together, apparently the pics are the remade version, they have no pics of the original damage,   so first off...
thinking of adding a clause that customers cannot add those tacky number candles to my cakes, man that annoys me, lol
thank you, you have put my mind at rest a bit that i couldn't have done any more, other than transport my self, i think in future i will include delivery in the quote for three tier cakes and just transport to the venue myself. I do have a clause in my terms and conditions saying once cake has left me it is their responsibility, also advice about how to transport and how to store and cut but find it hard to stick to the t&c's incase it was my fault or they say bad things...
i use the straw type dowels too so as not to displace any cake, they were straight
yes they are complaining, they say it just started to crumble and collapse, but it was perfect at 1.30pm that day when they collected it and had been that way for 24hours i have offered £50 refund  i am just upset by it all as they said it ruined their party(although they said the cake tasted lovely) I do not want this kind of thing to happen again and if it does how to do i handle it
i don't think it was refrigerated, i don't refrigerate here at all and told them not to, they were taking straight to the venue, if the dowels had failed wouldn't it collapse in the middle and bulge out, i am thinking they dropped it and the force made the sides come away, the middle where it is dowelled looks intact to me. also the table cloth is ripped like there has been some trauma not some slow sink/collapse    any more ideas
this is the cake at 10am on saturday  this is saturday evening at the venue after customer transported it, it was collected at 1.30pm and was in the same condition as my 10am photo on leaving my house.   Can anyone please give me an idea of what has happened to it, it was well stacked, dowelled and stuck with royal icing, it was covered and stacked wednesday to firm up and decorated friday   All suggestions welcome, I have offered a partial refund/good will gesture...
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