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I'm really liking the idea of the spice cake!
Maybe what I do is make the carrot cake the center tier which will be covered in fondant ruffles anyhow, that way I can do a SMBC under the fondant.  I am doing the ganache to have the smoothest, sharpest finish possible for the top and bottom tier but it really wouldn't be necessary for the middle tier.  I am doing carrot ginger for a fundraising event for a big farm in the area, they head the CSA in the area (City Fresh) so I'll see how much I love it next week haha The...
You had me at caramel cake cai0311! I'm thinking about carrot cake with a ginger buttercream filling too but I'm not sure how I feel about white chocolate and carrot.
I was assuming she meant ganache
Thanks! We have two sons, a house and 2 businesses together so this has been a looooong time coming haha. I get a lot of "are you crazy?!?" When people hear I'm doing my own cakes but I rarely get the chance to do a cake just the way I want it! Lol
So when I talk to potential clients about flavors, etc...I have a million ideas. I'm getting married on October 24th and of course doing our cake and I'm drawing a blank! I am all caught up in the design aspect and can't seem to think about flavors. This is a 2 part question... I am planning on doing a double barreled cake for the bottom and top tier (12" and 6" cakes) and I will do a shorter middle tier. Initially I was thinking I would do 6-9-12 but for the center...
18 shows = 18 separate Fridays/Saturdays
Thanks! I'm worried about freezing cupcakes because of the wrappers. My main focus is cakes but I can't pass up this chance, I'm hoping I can make enough to make my little start up business grow grow grow! .
I already have a chest freezer and an additional freezer/fridge for cakes. I would be selling cupcakes and cakepops there.
Ok, so as of now I have a separate area at home that I do baking in and for the volume that I produce, it has been fine. Next summer we have a major concert event that runs 18 shows moving to our area and I've been asked to be a vendor there. I jumped at the chance BUT I would like to find a commercial space to rent out to do the baking in. They have a crowd of 5-6,000 come through on an average night so I'm wanting a space that had more than a double oven to cut down...
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