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I love the name for boy or girl but then again, I'm a Sarah so I hated my plain name lol  My oldest is Tristan, we call him "T" for short so we have T and Rex.  They'll be able to decorate a cake and have a good sense of humor if nothing else lol
I know right? I love your name by the way, my youngest son's name is Rex and we call him Rexy all the time . I'm going to use this technique on a wedding cake in 2 weeks!
For research purposes I ate some of the sprinkles. I've always been in the "more the merrier" camp when it comes to sprinkles so it wouldn't bother me personally to eat the sprinkle laden fondant lol
Daisybee, check out the link to the tutorial I posted, they're actually not edible sequins, they're just confetti sprinkles hand painted gold!
I'm strongly considering taking their buttercream bootcamp class.  They're only 45 minutes away from me. :)
Wow, you should be very proud of yourself for that being your first wedding cake!  You did an amazing job!
Well said dayti, my thoughts exactly, the bottom tier is a double barrel ruffle tier lol
You COULD do them on dummies but I see nothing different than doing a tier covered in drageés, you tell people to peel that part off. Those type of confetti sprinkles are commonly used on grocery store birthday cakes also, they're not hard like a drageé would be (that was my other option was a drageé covered tier so this would actually be better for eating). It's obviously whatever you feel comfortable doing though.
Yes, some isn't but it will say not for consumption I NEVER would have guessed this is how it was done!
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