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Trying this one right now. Can't wait!
Any ideas on how to get eggplant colored icing?
Can you use the SPS system on cakes that have both round and square tiers?Thanks in advance!!
Thank you so much!
Just to tack on a question here...Do you have to cover the fondant cake with plastic wrap while it sits out? Will it get hard if you don't cover it?Thanks!!!
I have been able to still get Delphenium blue at Hobby Lobby.
So I am making a cake for a friend. I used IndyDebs bc recipe. I have used in the past and no problems. I used again today on frozen cakes that were crumb coated and then frozen. I put the top coat of icing on but it does not seem to be crusting. Did I do something wrong in the freezing process? Or will it finally crust after the cake is completely thawed?TIA!!!
I usually freeze my cakes(after advice from CC) and they are always moist. I was told that you can freeze for up to 2 weeks. I usually just freeze for a few days to a week. They are great with no problems.My question is...if I bake today(Wednesday) for Saturday, do I have to freeze? Or can I tightly wrap?
Thanks everyone! I used straight gumpaste and used a 20g wire in each leaf.
I have to tell you that I LOVE your recipe! I just tried it for the first time last weekend. I will never use my old recipe again. At least not in the summer months! It holds up like a dream and is very tasty!
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