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Hello!    I just wanted to post an update on the Croque en bouche. It went really well :)     I purchased a dehumidifier and cranked it on the day of the event.  I was a little nervous but everything went smoothly. I baked the profiterols at 2:30pm, let them cool and dipped them in caramel. Then at 4:00pm I filled them with cream, stacked them, removed the cone and delivered at 5:00pm.  It was really strong and traveled well. PHEW!!!     Thank you all for...
Thank you for the reply,    Straight up sugar is best!!  I have decided to do a practice run next week. It's just not worth the risk on someones wedding day. 
Thank you so much for your reply!    I really like the buttercream and appetizer pick idea! Thank you thank you thank you! :)    Blakes Cakes you are a true Forum SuperStar !!! :) 
Hi Everyone,    Does anyone know a replacement for caramel on a croque en bouche? No chocolate or Isomalt allowed. We live on Vancouver island... crazy humid environment RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.    The bride wants a croque en bouch for her wedding in December. But she doesn't want to use chocolate to hold the structure together.    Does anyone have any experience with using maple syrup or honey to make the caramel? Will it hold up in the humidity? 
Sugar in fondant is hygroscopic it will absorb any condensation that forms when you pull them from the freezer. Perhaps you could freeze them unglazed.
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