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Hello ladies, I am looking for a book with tutorials for kids, babies, girls, boys faces. I need a step by step instrunction how to do a boy or a girl from fondant/gumpaste Which one do you recommend???
Thank you all for the ideas. Looove the cage one )i was thinking about doing 2 different cakes but the mom whats it combine.Thank you!!!
Ok, i have a different cake to make. is for a brother and a sister, 4 and 1 year old and I have to combine ANGRY birds theme with HELLO KITTY. Any idea???
$150 for the cake and not for the flowers I HOPE!!!!For that type of cake, in my city, Chicago, it would not go below $400 minimum!!This about it, you will probably stay 3-4 days to work an so many flowers. How much money do you make per hour if you are charging $150??
Offff, sorry about the mess. Let see what went wrong.I think that the first time was sticky because it did not have enough sugar and the second time it had to much. You can repair that by adding a little crisco or fat or add more marshmallow.I dont like MMF either so I changed my fondant
I want to d a cake and on the side to add a fondant/gum paste flower the size of the cake. How do I add the flower? just with glue?? It will fall down? or I will wire it??Please adviseooo, I am planning to cover it in BC.Thank you!
Thank you so much for all this infos. They are helping a lot.He has an allergy to milk so i assume is dairy, please correct me if I am wrong, this is something NEW to me.Thank you again!
it really has to be vegan chocolate chips or dark chocolate which doesn t contain milk?
I want to try a fruit filling and a chocolate also.Thanks for advices
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