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Perhaps you should just get a job working for someone who IS legal? You may be very surprised at how difficult it really is to own and run a business, even a small one. If you work for someone else you can learn a lot from them, satisfy your love of creating beautiful baked goods and use that time to decide if owning a business is really what you want to do.
Can anyone offer suggestions to me? I have carved cakes before (purses, dolls, etc), but since they want a more realistic crab rather than cartoonish, am wondering if this is best made with the body in cake, the legs modeling chocolate or ? Or would it be best to make the whole thing from RKT and gumpaste, then sit the crab on top of cake?I need 30 servings and they want their initials "carved" on the top of the cake. I would love some advice and can't find very much...
I use melted chocolate to attach heavy things to fondant on a cake. It works really good because it hardens quickly and tastes good too.
I own a bakery and get a ton of requests for donations for different events. I have figured out that the best sellers for the auction are the delicious looking cakes. It is tempting to make some fancy, eye popping creation, but it has been my experience that the ones that bring in the most money are the German Chocolate, Black Forest, Lemon chiffon or Ganache covered homemade type cakes that someone can buy and serve for dessert. The fantastic creations certainly wow...
I own a retail bakery and my response is always cut and dried, never personal. I have learned to develop a very thick skin when it comes to customers like this. If they don't like my prices or the way I do business, they can shop elsewhere. It really is as simple as that. I don't look at their responses as a personal attack on me or my products because it isn't. My response would have been:Thank you for your email about a cake for your event. I do offer more basic cake...
Oh I love it! Thank you so much! I hadn't even thought of the hand--my mind was going to the whole body and it seems overwhelming to get right.Please, any other ideas are welcomed!
The only help from the customer is that her boyfriend also likes baseball. His long time nickname is Yeti--that's why the sasquatch theme. This is going to be a stacked 8" and 10" cake.Any suggestions, ideas and techniques would be welcomed!
Bummer. I am so sorry this is happening to you. People nowadays just are so hate filled and spiteful, aren't they? I hope everything fizzles out quickly so you don't lose a bunch of business from this!
I am totally with you on this one...I just lost a nice 4 tiered wedding cake order because the mother of the bride insisted that the person catering also had to do the cake. The caterer she picked is someone whose work I am familiar with and she knows nothing about cakes (the caterer told me that in person)
My last 2 vowel renewal cakes were not good either--both canceled before the actual renewal ever happened. I got the feeling from both that there were marriage issues and the renewal was an attempted bandaid on a bleeding wound.
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