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Are those alstromeria flowers real? If so, they can be toxic causing skin irritation, nausea, and vomiting. I would suggest you do your research on edible vs non edible flowers. (A quick google search can bring up such info.) Also, real or not, I would suggest not sticking flower stems/wires directly into a cake. You should have flower picks designed for cakes so that they do not come in contact with the cake itself.
Google "draped flag on cake." These are pretty much what I had in mind.
How about making two flags out of fondant, larger than the tier it's going on, and draping one on each tier like it is a fabric flag laying on the cake. If you can get the draping right, it may look realistic.
You can do a search for a specific recipe or if you just want to browse through, you can go to the "recipes" link at the top of the page. 
There are lots of great recipes in the recipe section of CC. Recipes are not foolproof and do not work for everyone because of measurements vs weights, oven temps, differences in elevation, etc. The only way for you to find good recipes for you is to start trying different ones out. Good luck!
I like World Wide Chocolate (dot com). They have a variety of quality chocolate to choose from. The kind of chocolate you use will depend on your (or your clients') preferences and the type of product you are making. Dark chocolate is my favorite for many things, but some people don't like the bitterness of a dark. I also like to use a semi-sweet for truffle dipping. As has been stated here many times, your ganache is only as good as your chocolate. Same goes for your...
Yay! I can see it! It Looks to me like its white buttercream or fondant airbrushed with the tie dye pattern. Then a peace sign fondant cut out placed on top and buttercream piped on the edges. Fun cake! 
This is one of my most popular flavor combinations. I love the Triple-Lemon Layer Cake recipe from Fine Cooking. It has such a nice lemon flavor with a beautiful crumb. It is a scratch recipe, but so worth it! It yields approx 8 cups of batter, which makes 2- 8" round cakes.  I also lightly drizzle cake layers with a lemon simple syrup. It adds more lemon flavor as well as keeps it moist. You can use raspberry preserves or you can make your own. I usually pair it with a...
If the cake is traveling, I always insert a center dowel, not a skewer. Skewers are very small and aren't as strong. The center dowel provides support so that if the buttercream starts to soften, the top tier won't slide. I don't cover my cardboard rounds as they are made for cake and have their own coating on them. I also do not make a hole in the cardboard before I put the dowel in. If you sharpen the dowel nicely with a pencil type sharpener, then it will go through...
Sometimes when cakes fall it's because of not enough protein structure. You can try reducing the sugar or use a higher gluten flour (I like king arthur all purpose). I am at 7000ft so I have to adjust every recipe that I try. Good Luck!
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