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Quick question for the baking pros... Have you ever covered a cake with chocolate mousse? I made a chocolate mousse cake and was thinking of covering it with mousse and chocolate glaze. Any tips or pointers? And can you tell me at what temp should my glaze be so that my mousse doesn't melt or would you rather suggest do a ganache glaze over the mousse. Looking forward to hearing back. Thank you 😊
Can you please tell me how much batter this would make? Would it be good enough for a 10inch round cake?
Hey Annie are there any from scratch recipes that u can give me links too. Am still in search for my go to recipe for all base cakes yellow/white and chocolate
I have shifted to purely using cake flour since pastry school. I have been trying varies recipes to find my go to base recipe for a white/yellow and chocolate, The cakes I have tried have tasted good as I read alot it reviews before trying out a recipe but the only issues I have faced is the softness and melt in your mouth factor. Getting into this profession I need my bases recipes sorted out before I can go experiment further. All tips and suggestions are welcome .
Can you mix buttercream and whipped cream without messing up either?
Is there a truck to moisten a cake after its been baked?
Is there a trick to moisten a cake after its baked?
Thank you friends... got a couple of good tips here. I will start working on my project pretty soon and will let you all know how it turned out to be.Wish me luck
hello bakers...My daughter is too excited to have a hello kitty birthday cake for her 3rd birthday.I need my baker friends to rescue me...I don't want to let her down seeing her level of excitement!I realllllly need help! Instructions/ videos...anything that you may have that'd help me to make a cute hello kitty figurine on her cake.Looking forward to some good help.Thank u in advance
hello bakers,Wanted to check if any of you had step by step instructions, videos or pics for making a pregnant lady cake topper using fondant or gum paste.Appreciate all suggestions and tips.
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