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You can purchased edible rhinestones. Here is a link to find some.
ANYONE? Please help with this. I would like to start today on some of these if it is reasonable to do so. Thank you
Great post! I'm having the same issues and so thankful it's not just me. I get so frustrated because whenever I think my work-surface is clean of any lint, no matter what, they still appear. I also find that the lil suckers adhere onto my sponge pad when I'm forming and found myself using the lint roller on it. That did help but my-o-my how frustrating its been.
I have a cake that I'm doing for delivery on December 17th. I would like to do all the elements way in advance but wondering what is the best way to handle each listed at the bottom?A few questions for separate elements being made:a.) How far in advance can I make them?b.) Best way to store them so they are flexibleI'm making a studded belt look around the bottom as a border. It needs to remain flexible without cracking etc.a.)?b.)?Elements to be dusted or painted onto...
Have any of you used white chocolate under fondant on a carrot cake/cream cheese filling? If so does it taste ok or would it be too sweet. I'd use cream cheese frosting but find its not stable enough under the fondant. Any suggestions or opinions welcome please. Making cake tonight and covering cake tomorrow. Thank u
i used to work for a food broker. Thats the new way of doing a price increase. Well its been going on for awhile but yeah mfgs think its the easiest way to get away with it without customers noticing. Yes and i too hate when they do that! Especially for us bakers!!
And here is a video tutorial:
Here's a tutorial on it:
Thanks but I don't think it's the kneading. I will say I've been trying to get this recipe right so this time I left it a little more sticky then usual, being afraid to add to much PS. PS was sifted prior to adding. Is it because I let it rest in the fridge vs. out on the counter (covered of course)? I'm determined to get this right! I will make a ton of batches til I do so (LOL)I remade Michelle Foster's Fondant recipe and that came out great but cost a bit more to...
Before I even put this on the cake, this fondant had this look. What would cause this? I made this recipe found here: I love the taste but I can't seem to get MMF to be right.
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