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I agree, this looks like a 6 and a 10.  Also, the figurines would be quite intense.
I used my circles and formed them into rose petal shapes.  I needed some bigger ones, so I used the lid off one of my sprinkles bottles...worked like a charm.
I will be making this cake in May.  The bride doesn't want the cake covered in fondant.  She just wants it iced and the flower petals added.  I am planning to make the petals from gumpaste, but I worry about how well my crusted buttercream will hold the petals on.
A dear colleague is retiring from education. She has been a classroom teacher and is providing professional development to teachers of reading and language arts. I was asked to make her retirement reception cake, but I want to do something out of the ordinary. She loves red. I want to do something with red roses, but not just your average sheet cake! Got any really great design ideas?
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