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Thanks for the replies everyone! They all made me feel sooo much better.I went ahead and used the Wilton boards with supports and a center hammered into the board. It left here in one piece, hope it got there the same!
I'm using good ol' made-with-shortening frosting on a 3 tier cake, each tier approx. 4" high. I'll be decorating it Friday night or Saturday morning and it is being picked up around 1:00, but the next day she will travel 45 miles with it for the party Sunday afternoon/evening.
But looking at the Wilton boards(which I have) the top is slick white and obviously greaseproof, while the bottom seems to be regular cardboard finish?
Okay, I understand that I need a cake board between each layer on a 3 tiered cake. My question is this: If the bottom of the cake board isn't greaseproof, won't the icing touching the bottom make the cardboard soft, defeating the purpose of using it? Or am I supposed to be covering it somehow?
I recently started doing decorated cake boards with fabric. I have covered the fabric with half a two gallon bag to greaseproof it and it has worked well. Last week I was delivering a 10" round cake and the cake slid on the board! Luckily it only smooshed a tiny part and the customer could have cared less. So I was wondering, has this happened to anyone else? Would I be better off using press n' seal? I just like the nice clear look with the bag.
Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'll do the 9 x 13 and split n fill Now I feel better about it
I have gotten a sheet cake birthday order. I very rarely do sheet cakes for others so I am concerned about 1. size on top and 2. height. She only needs to feed 15-20 and wants an animal along with Happy Birthday and the child's name. So I am debating doing a double layer 7 x11 or single layer 9 x13. The 9 x 13 will give me more decorating room but would only end up being 2 or 2 1/2 inches high, while I could do a 4 inch 7 x 11. What do you think?
I tried the cupcake creations brand and they did stay bright. However, half of the liners pulled away from the cupcakes. From reviews I read(after the fact) really moist recipes will do that. Wilton also has a line of "stay bright" that I saw today at Joann.
I'll be using buttercream, does anyone know how to achieve this effect??
I have a friend that would like me to do peony flowers to go on cupcakes at her wedding. Do I need to purchase actual peony cutters(the set is around $33) or will something less expensive suffice? Will those cutters make my life that much easier? And is there a tutorial out there that does not involve wire?
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