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I used a small hacksaw.
Oh! I take it back! Profile pics now seem to be working perfectly! Thank you! The only last bug is that clicking the 'close' button when the photo is uploaded doesn't work.
That's great! Thank you for listening to us! The other thing I would love to have fixed is uploading a profile photograph. Still doesn't seem to work for me. I crop my image and then it says, 'no file found'. Tried a million times with lots of different photos, on different computers using different browsers!
Oh, I totally agree! There are some improvements, but I really miss having that info at a glance!
IF you like the look of this one, I'd be happy to tell you how I did it:
There is a bug currently with the most-saved cakes - the same cakes have been there for at least 36 hours. Mine is at #6 and has been there for a day and a half! This is such a shame as it means all the cakes that were uploaded in the last 36 hours haven't had a chance to move up the ranks and make the most-saved list. Can you check it out, Cake Central, please?
Oh my, yes! I've done this method twice and it's awesome!
You can crumb coat with cream cheese and then add the final coat, but remember it's a perishable frosting, so you'll need to keep it refrigerated. If you're worried about the consistency, you can add more powdered sugar. There is a crusting cream cheese recipe out there if you search for it apparently, but I've never used it. A crumb coat doesn't necessarily have to be crusting, as long as you just leave it to set up for a while before applying your final coat. If it's...
The difference is only in the preparation method - you end up with the same product. With SMBC you cook the egg white and sugar together over boiling water. With IMBC you whip the egg whites with a little sugar and then add boiling sugar to the mix. I think people might prefer SMBC as it's deemed not to be so dangerous as there's no boiling sugar involved.I only ever make IMBC just because the recipe I use has never failed me, even the first time I made it. I made SMBC...
It's certainly the consensus and the crumb coat obviously helps keep the crumbs out of from your final coat. Personally, I use ganache under fondant and then it doesn't matter if I get a few crumbs in the ganache. But where buttercream is your final finish, a crumb coat is a must.
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