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I saw this online. Does anyone have one? Or recommend it?
The past few times I've made wiltons royal icing it hasn't been drying right, it ends up turning into like a thick fluff or marshmallow instead of drying hard. Am I putting to much water or do I need to add more water?
I just got a new xacto knife and have only used it a few times, but it was washed last night and accidentally left out all night. So now it has a few rust spots on it, should I get a new one or does anyone know of an easy way to get the rust spots off?
I just figured that I would put shortening on the mat to stick the parchment paper on then put shortening on the parchment paper and put the fondant on. I figured it would be a lot easier to take the figures off.
Does anyone put parchment or wax paper under their fondant when cutting with the cricut cake? Is it ok to do that will it cut through the paper?
How far ahead of time can you make something out of gum paste and what is the best way to store it??
Thanks everyone for the help! I just ordered the X-Acto Precision Instruments #1 Knife No. 11 Blade With Safety Cap X3601 on ebay
Ok, I wasn't sure if there was a specific model I should be using
Right now I usually use a pizza cutter for cutting images, but I was thinking about getting an xacto knife to make better cuts. I was wondering what model knife is the best?
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