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Anyone know of any Cyber Monday deals for baking supplies?
I just saw that Aldi has a large silicone mat for only $10. It is 25x18. So I plan on using it for smaller cakes and pies and fondant work. I figure it's a cheap investment until I can get one of the bigger, better quality vinyl mats
Icer101- That's a perfect video! Thanks again!
Icer101- Thanks so much! I didn't realize I could put the fondant on too!
Somebody I know wants me to make 2 cakes for her twin sisters sweet 16. I'm not sure if I have to work yet that weekend but if so I won't have a lot of time the day of the party. Can anyone give me advice on things I can do ahead of time to save me time that weekend? TIA Here's the cake
Can anyone give me some tips on making the bow on this cake? Or does anyone know of a good tutorial or video? TIA  
Does the chocolate have milk or are you using white?And my sister's allergic to eggs so I always try to make an egg free cake for her I always use box cake mix and add a can of soda to it and she loves it every timeHTH
Does anyone know where you can get a marble slab to use with fondant or gumpaste?
Anybody at all know?
I'm helping out with a cake next Saturday. The lady I'm helping is covering the cake in buttercream and doing roses but she doesn't know how to work with fondant so she wants me to do the the draping on the cake. I've never done it before, but I figured since I work with fondant a lot it shouldn't be to hard. Any advice?Or does anyone know of any tutorials I should watch? TIA...
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