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Hi! Just wondering if anyone on here has paid to be a member and if its worth the money? TiA
So i guess I was scaring myself for nothing! The bakery uses cake mix and better cream to decorate! I don't have much experience with bettercreme though I. Used to buttercream and fondant
Than k you everyone for the great advice ill definitely be bringing a tool kit and my recipe booklet Just in case
Ya I'm not really sure if their expecting me to make the cake. They said ill be working with their other pastry chef and they want to see how we work. And thanks for the idea of bringing a tool bag ill definitely have to do that now
I just had an interview this past Thursday at a local bakery. They want to start selling cakes and are looking for someone to head up that department. I showed him my portfolio of all my cakes and he was pleased. It is down to three people now and he wants each of us to come in two days to see what we can do. I'm just getting really nervous now. I have decorating experience at home and have worked in a grocery store bakery for two months now. He wants me to do everything...
Anyone have a recipe similar to bettercreme?
I just bought gold glaze food-grade edible color glaze. When I looked at the ingredients one of the first ingredients I saw was denatured alcohol. Is this safe to put on cake pops I'm making for a kids party? When I looked it up online it said it's poisonous!!
I have to make 2 sheet cakes this weekend. I wanted to use cake mix but I'm afraid if I use the recipe on the box the cake will break some how either by taking it out of the pan or lifting it because cake mix to me is so flimsy. So my question is does anyone know a way to make a yellow cake mix firmer more like a pound cake texture? TIA
Unfortunately I just noticed that a few of my cookie cutters have rust on them. I guess I didn't get all the water off of them last time I washed them. Just wondering if they are still safe to use after I get the rust off of them? If so how should I get the rust off of them?
I might be moving to California. So I was considering selling baked goods out of my home since the food law just passed in Cali. I was wondering if it's something where you just get your house inspected and can start selling right away or is this something I'm going to have to save thousands of dollars for? Thanks for any help!
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