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Just wondering if you're allowed to ship things under the California cottage food law like fondant cupcake toppers
I just shipped a cake dummy for the first time to my sister, and when she got it there was ants in it! Has this ever happened to anyone before is there any way to prevent it?
Thanks everyone for the advice! Renting them out seems to be a good option
Thanks foam guy I'll have to check out that website!
Thanks AZcouture! I would really love to sell baked goods out of my home just don't have the money for it now! This just might be an option though just not sure if there's a big enough market for it
Has anyone heard of just selling decorated cake dummies? Instead of actual cake if so do you think I would have to comply with the cottage food law? Cause in my state I would have to add another kitchen onto my house!
Thanks k8 I'll have to look into to some of those! Wish I could go to Italy, if I had the money!
Hi! I don't have enough money to go to culinary school but I'm looking into just taking a few classes here and there from professional cake decorators or cookie decorators . Just wondering if anyone knows of some good decorators in this area or anyone that's going to be traveling through this area in the next few months? TIA
Hi! Just wondering if anyone on here has paid to be a member and if its worth the money? TiA
So i guess I was scaring myself for nothing! The bakery uses cake mix and better cream to decorate! I don't have much experience with bettercreme though I. Used to buttercream and fondant
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