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woos that's cool.. If I had to guess I bet it was airbrushed with blue pearlized americolor. And bits of royal icing
Hello all. I use the "tube" non dairy Bavarian cream... ( no room for refrigeration) and was wondering if the extra non dairy cream could be frozen ? Any changes in consistency? Thanks to all who have come before me.. It's great to learn and not re invent the wheel!
Really? Hi ratio? Great value? Or ....I have not used any hi ratio shortening before I have read how expensive and hard to get it is...details please
Hello. So we all try so hard to get our cakes to come out of the oven nice and level and baked evenly. Right? Well I have a hamburger and fries cake I would like to do. I have read lots of posts about making you cake bake level and flat.. But how do I bake a 8" round cake and get the dome to rise evenly? So it looks like. Hamburger bun. I am not planning on covering it in BC so I want it to look as much like a bun as possible. My thought would be to cook at 375? Maybe to...
I have purchased similar designs from Martha Stewarts stencils @ michaels crafts
Hello... The movie frozen has got me interested in sugar work. I have only made one batch of sugar glass at home.. Sugar,corn syrup, tarter and water. It turned out well but I am wondering if it ever gets completely solid. It seems to stay somewhat flexible. Is isomalt a better choice? I am wAnting to make a ice castle plaque to attach to fondant.. I am afraid that it would get sticky and soften if I put it on buttercream. Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks all . I knew I was overlooking a key step. And thanks for the great thread. Cake is on the counter settling as we speak!
And...... It doesn't happen when I use ganache as my crumb coat
Oh geez. Once I submitted then the picture came up ! Ok so the problem: my cakes seems to settle overnight and shrink in height.( the cake picture is a cake that started out about 5.5 inches and lost almost an inch!) it happens with both my fondant and/or butter cream cakes. I bake a very buttery cake, freeze wrapped warm. I thaw about an hour and stack, fill and trim. then it goes in the refrigerator for about an hour with a weight on top to settle. next I crumb coat...
Ok. I was going to post my picture and my problem, but now I have a new problem. Does Anyone know how to post a picture in the forum with an iPad. It all seems ok until it posts the line of words above with no picture.. To be continued.. I guess. Thanks for any tips
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