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I have purchased similar designs from Martha Stewarts stencils @ michaels crafts
Hello... The movie frozen has got me interested in sugar work. I have only made one batch of sugar glass at home.. Sugar,corn syrup, tarter and water. It turned out well but I am wondering if it ever gets completely solid. It seems to stay somewhat flexible. Is isomalt a better choice? I am wAnting to make a ice castle plaque to attach to fondant.. I am afraid that it would get sticky and soften if I put it on buttercream. Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks all . I knew I was overlooking a key step. And thanks for the great thread. Cake is on the counter settling as we speak!
And...... It doesn't happen when I use ganache as my crumb coat
Oh geez. Once I submitted then the picture came up ! Ok so the problem: my cakes seems to settle overnight and shrink in height.( the cake picture is a cake that started out about 5.5 inches and lost almost an inch!) it happens with both my fondant and/or butter cream cakes. I bake a very buttery cake, freeze wrapped warm. I thaw about an hour and stack, fill and trim. then it goes in the refrigerator for about an hour with a weight on top to settle. next I crumb coat...
Ok. I was going to post my picture and my problem, but now I have a new problem. Does Anyone know how to post a picture in the forum with an iPad. It all seems ok until it posts the line of words above with no picture.. To be continued.. I guess. Thanks for any tips
Camera-Lucida Apple App Store 4.99
That just happened to me with a receipe I use all the time..... Don't over beat it ... Easy to do if you use a stand mixer
Hello all. I am am making my first Cinderella stand up cake. The Wilton pan looks nice.. But I have seen many posts with users using their kitchen aid bowl. Pros and cons? The doll pick does not look like Cinderella .. Should I buy a Cinderella doll? Would that be to big for Wilton pan?? I would love some input from experienced cake doll makers! So appreciative of your time and talents!
I hate the crickets! I get them all the time
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