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I just stumbled upon the recipe posted here by @melysa and decided to give it a try. Although I substituted almond milk for buttermilk and coconut oil for butter to make it dairy free. I've never had such a runny cake batter before so I'm crossing my fingers it works! I'll be filling it with German choc cake filling for my best friend and fellow cake makes birthday
Thank you all so much for your help and advice and especially to southerncross!! I'm going to give it a practice run next weekend when I don't have any cake orders. Wish me luck!
liz661 I thought the same thing and that was my plan but someone else told me they thought it was just bc with meringue powder added to make it a little stiff but I'm not sure I can accomplish that look with bc. Thanks for your input!
A friend of mine is having me make her wedding cakes, and by cakes I mean there will be 7 different cakes all with different looks. I'm feeling very confident with all but one of the cakes. I'm not sure how to get the look of the "ribbon" on the cake because I know it is not ribbon. Any tips or ideas will be very appreciated!! The wedding isn't until Sept 17 but I would like to give this one a test run before then. The link for the picture is:...
I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used a ganache as a crumb coat instead of buttercream. I have a sculpted cake coming up next week and was thinking about possibly trying a ganache for my crumb coat. Any thoughts?
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