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Does anyone know how i make my chocolate glossy for my cake pops?
i know, as i only do cupcakes and cake pops, and feel lost.
What state are you in?I would also just look online at other cake sites in your area to get a rough idea
where do we discuss cake pops?I don't want to pop it in a wrong section
I find them too expensive, i wonder if they offer wholesale? hmm, thank you though
I am searching for window boxes that will fit cake pops.And ideas, can you please help. and if you have photo's of what you have done please show me.Do you have dimensions, this may help me google them here in Australia
A ah, thank you. Good thinking.
And where do i get them from? Thank you
Where can i find the recipe for the pistachio ones, and is there a picture?Thank you.
Thank you
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