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I'm pretty sure Avalon hand painted the second tier. She's awesome at hand painting and airbrushing! (Just be sure to credit Avalon for the design inspiration if you post yours on your photo set.
I've learned not to get too excited when I'm first discussing a design.  I just draw out a simple, quick sketch and see where it goes from there.  Once I have a deposit, I'll draw a nice sketch for approval on all the details.  It keeps me from getting disappointed when doing this as a hobby!
I live in Colorado and had a cake order for a HS cheerleading banquet.  The banquet was scheduled for Saturday (yesterday) but we had a huge snowstorm and the banquet was cancelled!  I already made the cake and was ready to go when she cancelled the banquet.  Here's my dilemma:  She rescheduled the banquet for next Saturday.  Do I give her the cake I already made or make a new one?  The coach said she would be fine with the same cake and since it's covered in fondant it...
I get super annoyed when I spend a month planning and sketching a cake design and then the customer asks me if I can do cupcakes and a sheetcake instead and then she tells me how much I should charge her!  I design cakes as a hobby (it's not my full-time job) and do it for FUN.  Cupcakes and sheetcakes are NOT fun!  Especially after I spent all that time (and got so excited) about the cake design.....     -Kristin
Hello!  I've found the best way to achieve this gold look is to color your base fondant a pale yellow color or close to a "Winnie the Pooh" color; don't get it too "electric yellow" though.  After you get the cake covered, I'd airbrush it to get an even look.  Americolor has a "Gold Sheen" airbrush color that works nicely. If you don't have an airbrush and want to...
Don't worry!  It's always the little details that drive us all crazy!    I always use a dab of royal icing to attach my bows- place a dot in the center of the bow and on each loop and press onto the cake.  I usually form my bow around a cake pan that's the same size for about an hour before I attach it to the cake.  I put rolled up paper towel in the loops to keep them open until the loops are hard.   Of note, make sure you wrap your feathers in floral tape...
I agree- definitely sky blue.  The picture you're using for inspiration has a bit of a grey tone to it too; you may end up with a brighter blue than you want and you can add just A LITTLE tiny bit of black to tone down the blue. 
Great idea, Linda!  I had a question; would it be ok to post photos of cake sketches to get advice on designs too?  Sometimes the hardest part is pulling the design together and it would be great to get feedback and ideas before the cake is even made yet.
Maybe to narrow it down, ask her to pick ONE thing on each cake they like the best. Then try to incorporate them together? For instance, if they like the shape of the flowers on the first cake, the ribbon on the second cake and the "confetti" look of the flowers positioned on the third cake- you could do all of them!
Hello! Super cute idea! I think you can carve the cat from cake or use half of the Wilton's sports ball pan and cover in fondant. Use fondant/gum paste for the ears. You can make the hat from 4 or 6 inch round cakes and use just a cardboard cake circle to support it and dowel the cat's head for support. It should be ok to use a Wilton white plastic dowel through the center of the hat at an angle to dowel it. The brim of the hat can just be a dried gum paste circle. HTH!
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