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thanks for some realy good tips fingers crossed, and i'll give it a go
i hope some one can help me i am getting married next month and would like my wired flowers to cascade down the front edge of square four tier cake not sure how to wire them any advise please
oh thanks thats great to know thought i was going have to start again then loli was not sure that people realised the wedding is may is year!!! sounds like a good plan to stack the two for traveling thanks for your help
No !! i have allways made my fruit cakes early for xmas ect have idone it wrong ??
yeh all are fruit cakes
I know i most be mad!!i have have the plastic dowls and each cake is on a board was just wishing i could stack the sooner so i could get on with over jobs i have cupcakes to do the day before !!thanks for your help
hi my kids love make ladybird and bee cupcakes and they only need to buttercream and cut out sugarpaste red, black and yellow and a bit of white hope this helps
Hi can anyone please help me i am getting married in may and i'm trying to make my own wedding cake i have made four tiers but am not sure how soon i can stack them ?Also i have made flowers that i would have liked to come from the top tier but i am not sure how to wire them to do this Hope some can help me i'm very stressed
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