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Guess it would have been more helpful if I had actually posted the link!! LOL
I have this recipe bookmarked and, have heard it is great! I have made the cupcakes before but not the frosting. From what I understand, the coconut oil is like soft butter so would be used the same way as traditional buttercream. If it is dense, maybe try whip whip whip whipping longer! LOL
I pretty much always make them the day before and never had any problem with them being stale.
Maybe try adding some white chocolate? The addition of a different flavoring might help to drown out the vanilla? But, totally just a guess! LOL
Pumkin? Hmmmm, that sounds interesting!I use fresh pineapple in my carrot cake but, I grate it or really finely dice. I also add coconut and walnuts. I like my carrot cake CHUNKY! LOL To each there own.My MIL uses carrot baby food in her carrot's her "secret" ingredients. I don't eat her carrot cake! LOL
I found this tutorial really helpful when first starting out: do my sugar to temp with a candy thermometer instead of how she simply times it but, I pretty much follow the other steps. I once actually took a shower after adding my sugar and switching to the paddle attachment so, it was good and cool when I got ready to add the butter and, it turned out great.It does sound like you might not be...
+1An amazing chef could probably make use a can of sardines and mayo and turn it into the best damn sardines you have ever tasted but, I doubt they would serve it in their restaurant. I just don't get why the argument is always the same. Scratch baking takes more skill that box doctoring. That is a fact. If you choose to bake from a box then own it.Rachel Ray has made a small fortune, probably more than a group of the top chefs in the world combined and, she has done...
If you want an all natural red velvet cake, use beets. I haven't personally tried it but, I do have this link bookmarked for if/when I ever want to:
+1Not usually one to get into the debate but cakestyles said it so well I had to add a ditto! My kids (4 yo and 7 yo) made a birthday cake for me yesterday with my husband in the kitchen only to put the cake into and take it out of the oven. They used a box mix and a tub of frosting and, it turned out great.
Mmmmm, tiny chunks of cream cheese in IMBC has me drooling. I have some left over IMBC in the it wrong that I am considering this as my afternoon snack?? LOL Oh boy, I was just saying in the other thread how I eat so much less sweets since baking full time but, this thread changed my mood!! HAHAHAHA
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