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Si, mientras sigas la receta, todo debe de irte bien. 
Si, bien hecho!  
Gracias, pasterita!  
Thank you! Yes, she was thrilled!!  Lots of work but well worth it!  
Interesante receta.  Que causa que  el bizcocho salga tan oscuro?  
yes.  Same as plastic wrap.
I used Satin Ice once and found it too soft... Don't know if the house was too warm, but I don't think so.  Just thought it was too soft.    I normally use Wilton's fondant but I don't do commercial cakes.. mainly for family and friends. 
I like to wrap mine in plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.  The next day I take it out for a couple of yours and then I finish decorating.
Hello, all!! Its been a long while since I posted one of my cakes.  I don't do that many!   I did this one for my 9 yr old girl. She liked the Legend of Zelda game as soon as she saw it and asked me to make her cake with this theme.   The castle is not an exact replica of the castle in the game but it has some similarities.    I sculpted the main character, Link, out of fondant.  Everything is fondant, except for the Wilton towers that are plastic but...
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