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oh, by the way, you cake looks awesome!! Very colorful!
Really? so it worked very well for you?  Did you add more powdered sugar to it? It seems to work better when you do, according to the ladies that have already used it.
Wow, thank you so much for all the information, ladies.  Have you send any comments to Wilton?  After I use it, I am sending them an email or calling them to let them how what they have done to this fondant.  My goodness!! All they needed to do was to change the taste and just leave the texture alone!     I will use the one I bought with a small cake I am going to make for my sister in law and I will post my experience with it.   I use The Mat to roll mine so I don't...
Very nice, georgiacakelady!! The black came out very smooth.  You said that you had to use powdered sugar, right?  Lots of? of just some?
Oh, welcome!! Too add a picture, just click on the icon above this text box that shows a little mountain scenery.  It will ask you to upload a pic from your pc or using URL from your website.  :)
This picture  is the one my friend sent me after she colored her fondant. You can see all the "pores" in the fondant.  I told her to add more powder sugar but she was frantic so I don't think she listed to me!    Thank you for the feed back ladies! Please keep it coming.   I bought a small box with a 50% off coupon from Joann's and am going to "play" with it as soon as I can.  I was able to get some of the "old" fondant at SuperWalmart and bought the big box to keep...
Awesome!! I can't wait to try it myself.  I need to use strong colors like reds to see how it works too.  IT didn't work well for my friend.
Really?  Awesome.  Can I ask:  Did you color it?  My friend used it yesterday and totally hated it.  She said it was way too soft and it was developing wholes.  I will post a pic of what she sent me.  I wanted to try it for myself though and how it takes color. She said that the new Wilton fondant didn't take color as well as the older fondant, which was more vibrant.  I wonder if it was because she used so much red coloring and maybe needed to add some powdered sugar to...
That would be fantastic! Please let us know how works.  I will be experimenting with it hopefully next week. I need to make a cake for my daughter.   Thank you for your feedback.
I've used Wilton Fondant on my cakes before (not do too many) but I love to work with it. Granted, its not the best tasting, but it has never failed when I have worked with it.  
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