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Gracias!! Thank you everyone!! :)
Hola! Hace tiempo no escribo por aqui... He estado perdida!!   Aqui les dejo una foto de un cake que hice para este fin de semana!  Creo que voy a hacer muchos mas de estos.  
That's good to know about the GumTex.  So far I haven't need to use it, but if I do in the future, now I know!  Thanks!
I like it so far although like I said I am trying to get used to it because it is so soft compared to the original fondant.  I did notice that the icing is thinner so I have to be careful not to roll it out too thin.  :)
I am flattered, CakesUnleashed!  Your cakes are AMAZING!! I don't do them like you.  I have only made small cakes and don't think can't do the big elaborate cakes you make!   WOW!!  I am looking forward to checking YOUR gallery of cakes to see all your amazing creations!
Wow, so sorry that you struggled so much with it.  I've been working with it and so far the two cakes I've made were not too bad.  But I have to wonder if its has also to do with the places where you live.  I've heard that where you live may affect how it performs for you.  The old fondant for me was not too hard to get soft.  Just a little kneading and it was ready to go.  I did use some Crisco to help it stay pliable and not stick to the surface.  Agree wit you on it...
Saludos y bienvenida! 
Yes, I do.  Sometimes I forget though... :P  depends on what am doing.  But it does help.  Also, it depends on how much icing you cover the cake with.  Although, I've heard that to some people it doesn't happen. I watched this lady that made some videos on her technique to cover cakes with fondant and she mentioned that to her it was easier to just put a thin coat of buttercream on her cakes, almost to the point that could see through the coat of icing, because she had the...
Mattie: That's wonderful!! I am glad is working for you!!  I would love to see the cakes you created.  Are they in your gallery?  MMF! I always hated messing with it! I was always wanting to find an economical fondant that tasted good and worked great.  I think with some practice (for me anyway), Wilton will still be the fondant of choice. 
Hello, ladies!  I opened up another thread about this topic too and saw yours so I wanted to post my findings with the new Wilton fondant just in case it helps you too.  I've always used the Wilton Fondant because it is so nice and thick and a dream to work with.  It is also perfect for bows and other sculpting. Granted its NOT the best tasting one, but it covers beautifully.     Anyway, new fondant.  My friend had a horrible experience with it.  I tried it and following...
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