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Aqui tengo una pero si quieres, puedes ir arriba donde dice Recipes y luego haces un search de Puerto Rican cake o bizcocho Puertorriqueño.
Hola y bienvenida!! Hay muchas recetas en el recetario de Cake Central... dejame ver si te consigo un link y te lo pongo aqui.  
I don't know either... the pan is heavier and thicker than my other pans... but surely my cake sank and I changed nothing on the recipe.  I always use the same. 
oh, I should add... I have a couple of Magic Line pans.. LOVE them.  I also love my Wilton pans.  :) They have performed for me wonderfully.  I make scratch cakes that are heavy or dense ... doesn't seem to like the Fat Daddio's pan 
Mmmm.. I am reading mixed reviews about Fat Daddio's pans... The only reason I bought one from them was because I was having difficulty finding a Wilton 9"x3" inch pan and got one from Fat Daddio's.  I just baked a cake it in, same batter height amount I use for Wilton's, same ingredients, same temp, and it sank in the middle.... I was going to try it again, but now I am doubtful... I am going to use 2, 9" x 2" inch pans I have that I wasn't planning on but I don't want to...
Gracias!! Thank you everyone!! :)
Hola! Hace tiempo no escribo por aqui... He estado perdida!!   Aqui les dejo una foto de un cake que hice para este fin de semana!  Creo que voy a hacer muchos mas de estos.  
That's good to know about the GumTex.  So far I haven't need to use it, but if I do in the future, now I know!  Thanks!
I like it so far although like I said I am trying to get used to it because it is so soft compared to the original fondant.  I did notice that the icing is thinner so I have to be careful not to roll it out too thin.  :)
I am flattered, CakesUnleashed!  Your cakes are AMAZING!! I don't do them like you.  I have only made small cakes and don't think can't do the big elaborate cakes you make!   WOW!!  I am looking forward to checking YOUR gallery of cakes to see all your amazing creations!
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