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Thank you guys so much!! That really helps!! Thank you!It is for a shower, should I put anything in the middle, dead space, or just put a small bear, rattle, duck...something on each block? any tutorials on small fondant baby creatures?
doesn't it look lopsided? and rounded at the edges?it is really presentable? I thought about cutting off the fondant (if possible) and putting pannels up, I'll post a pic
This has turned into a disaster! anyone with any advice, please please please help!
I'm going to check Michales, or Hobby Lobby to see if they have them already made (lazy, I know) but I literally got the order today. I already have a delivery scheduled for tomorrow morning, and then I have 18 cupcakes due Monday! AGH!If I don't need the cake until Wednesday, that should give the gumpaste flowers time to dry though, yea?Anyone have tutorials for the small flowers? Could you do those with buttercream and a tip?
wow! her cakes are awesome!
Would I start the rose actually on the cake? Or would it be best to have one of the things you set the flower on and build it up while it's on the wilton flower maker tool?
I might leave those off, not sure yet...they kinda make the cake, but it's a spur of the moment they asked for it today and need it wednesday. Said "can you make this or something like it" I might just buy the little ones at Michael's. Are there any tutorials on the roses? I'm nervous about them!
I got the cupcake pan, those buttercream roses scare me! They look tough
Any ideas on how I can make this cake? Any advice on tutorials I could use?
I really can't wait to try this!! Thanks for the step by step!
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