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Yes thanks so much!
Does anybody know where I can find the pumpkin roll recipe that was in the features category this morn? It's gone now and I can't seem to find it. Thanks
yeah for the square all wilton lists is even numbers..... is the 8" plate going to be too big under the 6" considering the bottom plate would also be a 8" and going on an 8" cake for the 2nd tier?  Is there a general rule that between the top tier of 6" to the 2nd tier should be a 4" gap?  So a 6" 3rd tier seperated by pillars to a 10" second tier to allow for room of that 8" plate?
Well the problem is that I am going to be using these fillable pillars   made by Wilton and I believe they will only work with Wilton Separator plates due to the shaped ends where the plate and pillars connect so I don't think I can use another kind of plate (wilton only sells in even numbers)..... right?
Question...... I have a wedding cake coming up and I haven't worked with stacked cake construction with the top tier being elevated by pillars.  Right now we are set to do a 12", 8" square cake with stacked construction and then seperate the top 6" square cake with fillable pillars....  My question is that I read on the Wilton site that the top cake ( the 6" square) should be placed on a square seperator plate that is 2" larger in diameter, so that would mean that I...
Might be a silly question but I am in the middle of making a dummy cake, 12, 6, 9 with 9 being the top tier.  Do you typically cover the bottom of the 9" so that you cant see the foam (If at the right angle) since the 6" is beneath it?  If so... how? Thanks
I have been interested in purchasing an airbrush for cake decorating but I have to admit I don't know much about them.... What brand of airbrush machine is good?  Anybody have any adive out there for when you are buying your first airbrush machine? Thanks
Awesome thanks 
Does anybody know where I would be able to find a good fondant pleating tutorial to be able to make elegant pleating on wedding cakes?
Ooops yes its a typo.... i meant 1/3 c oil
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