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I used to make my own fondant, but it became a waste of time and made my hands and wrists hurt....and time is money! I didn't like the "old Wilton fondant" so I then used Satin Ice which worked out well, but then I had a couple of buckets that I wasn't pleased with . I heard that Wilton then switched to a new formula that was made in England and I must say it works very well. With the "new Wilton fondant" I add my own extract to it....a teaspoon or two and work it...
I refrigerate for 1 week or freeze. To freeze place into a tupperware type container and cover with a piece of plastic wrap directly on top of the ganache. To use ganache again, defrost and reheat slowly.
I don't know what her problem was, but I always show the students all the books.
Colette Peters will be on tonight, Sunday, Nov. 6th at 7:30 pm EST.
Glad to hear the good news about your mom...God bless. As far as cake ideas go, I made a (Pink) Hat Cake from Colette Peters book Colette's Cakes for my best friend who is a breast cancer survivor. The cake was a hit! HTH
Well, I don't know how long ago it has been since you bought Wilton Fondant....but Wilton's Fondant is now imported from England. It's good (you can even add some flavoring to it if you want too) and is easy to work with. I do agree that the "Old Wilton Fondant" was awful.........actually really awful! I couldn't even stand the smell of it.
Scratch cakes are my favorite, but as mentioned below it must be a moist and it is denser. You will have to try different recipes and find one you like the best. My favorite yellow cake is a recipe from Toba Garrett - The Well Decorated Cake. But there are others, try the Cake Bible, Perfect Cakes by Nick Malagerie (sp). Another tip; Bake cakes at a lower temperature........325 degrees. The baking time needs to be adjusted for longer baking time, but it's worth it. ...
Correction on the url for NL [/url]
Checkout Toba Garrett's Cookie book for great ideas and recipes. I agree gumpaste is definitely not a good medium for cookies.......too hard and tasteless.merry
Defrost wrapped in the refrigerator overnight.merry
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