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I can get color off my hands by using Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach.
I prefer Esty, but Fancy Flours is running a sale.....might want to check it out. Fancy Flours gives excellent service and quick delivery, but normally very $$.
It might be the type of cupcake liner you are using.....bleach free liners can cause this problem. So I would try another brand of cupcake liner.
Sour Cream makes a richer tasting cake as well as keeping the cake moist.
How about trying 7 minute frosting? It is simply, sugar, light corn syrup, egg whites and vanilla.Recipe is on Martha
Another suggestion; Start with chocolate fondant and paint with black gel paste mixed with clear alcohol or vodka........Or airbrush in black
I am sorry that I didn't include instructions without using an airbrush.If you don't own an airbrush, next time you might want to paint the navy color on with a brush and clear alcohol, lemon extract or vodka.
Magic Line Pans are my choice.
My fondant cakes are covered the night before and ready to add gumpaste decorations early the nextmorning.
You will enjoy learning this art of cake decorating, just have fun and keep practicing what you've learned. Generally speaking, cake decorating people are friendly and willing to share.
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