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The ranunculus flowers are stunning! The best I have ever,ever seen.....Thank you for sharing.
I agree with Sugar Fairy also, sounds like the fondant was the problem. I have made my own fondant which is good and reliable, but with time allowance and muscle power I decided to buy ready made. I experimented with all the brands. Just a learning tool: practice with a ready made fondant brand on a cake dummy and see which one works best for samples of fondant; Satin Ice or use a coupon for fondant at Micheal's or AC Moore. Personally I love to work with...
I have Tinkertech peony cutter as well as Sunflower Sugars Art one. "I think" Sunflower Sugar Art came out with an additional larger one. Try Global Sugar they carry Sunflower Sugar Art or go directly to Sunflower Sugar Art website. Colette Peters has two beautiful peony cutters can find it on her website.Just remember that there are two different types of peonies; oriental and tree peony.
My favorite Cutterstinkertech 2 U.K.scott woolley sunflower sugar art pme cutters & toolscolette peters
You might like to try they have candy molds in their online catalog. I just checked it out and they carry a Daisy sucker # 90-13125. HTH
I have used CK Confectioner's Glaze for gumpaste leaves. The product said non-toxic. I also have an edible recipe, but never had the need to use it yet.50% corn syrup and 50% vodka.
You would be surprised that a number of my students graduated from culinary schools as well take the Wilton classes for cake decorating.
To start out with, I think that Wilton's buttercream recipe is a wonderful learning tool and then move on; search for recipes by experts in books (library) or internet, join a cake club. Last but not least experiment with recipes......Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Itallian Meringue Buttercream, White Chocolate Buttercream, American Buttercream; high raito shortening and butter combo or all butter. I am positive you will find a few that will work for your taste.
My favorite is Massa Grischuna from Albert Uster Swiss Imports $$$works beautifully, rolls out nice & thin.....taste good too. $61.00 for 13.2 lbs.
The bleach, Clorox is "Ultimate Care". I use it myself to remove color when I didn't use my gloves. Your hands will have a little bit of odor from the bleach, but it does remove the color. [/b]
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