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Hi there - I tried to find your coconut cake recipe, and it is not on the site anymore.  Is there any way that you can pass it along to me? I would really appreciate it!  Thanks.
Thanks K8memphis!  When you say candy clay, is that the same thing as modelling chocolate?
How would you go about making this checkered tote look? Are these individual squares?  My squares on Minecraft cakes never come out as perfectly square and clean as these.  Any suggestions? Finally, how much would you charge for a cake like this?  
Thanks, K8memphis!  I appreciate your answer!  :o)
how do you save a thread? sorry, I've never done it before, and want to keep all the info that Jan H listed!
I know this is 5 years after the post, but wondered if you hand cut all of those out of the edible paper, or if it was one big sheet? I am being asked to do a brown cake with gold LV & symbols.
Hi there!  I am responding to this string about 5 years later, so I'm hoping that you are still around!  :o)   When I read your instructions, I am not seeing where you put the pudding in.  Do you put it in at the same time as the cake mix?  I know it may seem a silly question, but I just wanted to know in case I do something incorrectly and end up in a mess!   Thanks so much! :o)
Have you ever made a "salted caramel" filling? If so, what recipe would you use?
Here we go again!  I have a mother who is asking for two cakes, one for a daughter graduating Jr. High, and the other for a daughter graduating University. This is her message to me about what she wants on each cake.  Any ideas? Each cake has to feed 40.   Grad from University: Degrees in English, history, communications, and geography she works as an editor at an online magazine. She loves chocolate, likes to run, has a thing for elephants     grad from gr...
Thanks for your reply, MBalaska!  So, I ended up putting fondant decorations over the buttercream, which helped.  I also have realized that I am a cake decorator, and not a cake designer...yet!  This was my first cake that was fully designed by me, with minimal input.  It stressed. me. out!  No joke!  Anyhow, it was done, she loved it, and it is now behind me! :o)  Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!    
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