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you want gold highlighter dust. ny company has the best
Jam HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! What can I say i thinkI was in really realizing what was going on combined with my own morbid curiousity.LMAO@ grocery store. I think she's just the spoiled daddy's princess type? and is now spoiled husband's princess type?I told my other decorater friend part of the story, and surprisingly my friend said "her name isnt so and so, isnt it? It was! Apparantly she booked my friend a year ago, my friend had to cancel her cake due to...
amen to that.
solas, yes youre right! thats for sure!!!
Texas rose, hahahaha have you ever outright said "well buy from them, then?" if so what do they say?JSK, youre very sweet! thank you! yes I learned almost every reply to every scenario from this thread! but some scenarios you're just kind of in shock and not sure what to say LOL.Whats weird is she just wrote on my facebook how much she likes me and appriciates how "cooperative" I was. huh? She doesnt think I took her order did she? No.. I made it clear. She's just weird.
ughhhhhh. it was worse!!!! it reminded me of a spoiled 16 year old trying to get something from her daddy! maybe that crap works on her man but it aint workin on me. weirdo!
hahahaha babys tooth is gonna rot and fall out! I give it a month!
hahaha. yeah 2 of them!! omG.Thank god it's rarer now im getting those kind of calls since upping my price.
ring ringMe: Hello? customer: Hello. Sorry i miss called you so many times but i want to order. Me: Thats ok. How can I help you?customer: I want cake pops. Me: Ok, what is the occasion?customer: my baby got his first tooth. Me: ok. How many pops? customer: 100 Me: Um. Ok. Well...your total is xxx.customer: yes, you told me that on facebook. but thats too much. I only want to pay x.Me: Me: That doesnt even cover the cost of the ingredients sweetie. ...
you guys are great!! thank you all very very much!
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