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oh wow you guys are scaring me now lol... but ill try my best and speed it not my thing but with time i can get there. Hope the will understand
Im going for a cake decorator  job at a awesome bakery and they need a resume... I never done one before and last time i had a job was 9 years ago and i been a SAHM until now. If anyone can give me pointers that would be great.
I made one this week and used no strew or cardboard.
Thank you both so much.
Im going to make my husband a deer for his birthday ...can anybody email me the instruction how to make 3d deer cake thanks so much.
I done the skewers but i guess some of my figures are top heavy because they start to move sideways :(
Im still new to cake decorating and i want to start making my figures stand and not set our lay on the cake or the sides, but when i try to make my figures stand up on top they end up falling down, What do you all use to keep your figures standing up with out falling down? Is there a good torture out there that might help me? Thanks for all the help :)
Im about the send out my first gumpast topper and want to send a emergency repair kit just in case. What would you include in the kit?
no one working with molding chocolate?  
Ok so i bought Choco-pan modeling chocolate white and its super soft, is there a way to make it not so soft. And will it hold up?
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