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The board is fully dried, but I'll try to repaint on the white/blue dots I already made when they dry. Thanks
Im making a Space cake for next week, and Im working on the cake board right now. I airbrushed what i wanted and now im adding the stars but the white stars keeps turning blue. How can I get them to stay white?
do you think .007in is going to be thick enough?
So you can just use Cannon printers? I just bought a HP can i use that with edible ink?
So I know I under priced my cakes. I did this wedding cake for $100 (don't shoot me lol) top tier is 8in middle is a 6in foam cake and the bottom tier is a 10in. She did not want fondant so its all butter cream with real strawberry in the filling. And the damask are fondant.   What do you think I should of charged?       r  
Where can I find food grade blank stencil sheets that are 10mil. I been looking everywhere and I cant find any :(
Ok thanks, I just had some lady give me like 4 bags of Candiquik and trying to think what i can use them for. Guess Ill make some cake pops or something.
Can I use Candiquik America's candy coating to make ganache?
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