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Thanks everyone for taking the time to post. I havent told anyone how to handle a cake when picking up..altho a good point. I do always place it in their car for them. I did offer a percent off her next cake...she had already had one scheduled in 2 weeks she seemed happy with that..she never did ask for any was more of me feeling bad and not knowing what happen. I do think it happened in the drive to the event. And i havent ever stated to a customer...
Good idea! I think i will do that. I hate that nagging feeling that it was my fault so that would make me feel better testing it out with the smaller tiers. Thank you!
The dowel was from the bottom board to the top of the cake..except about the length of a toothpick..i trimmed it off and stuck it down and then had the number on the toothpick. She sent me the photo i believe right before the party started so they were just setting up..not getting ready to serve. Oh well. Guess situations like this i wont really know what happen. I just feel bad and know they expect some sort of discount even when it may not have been the fault of structure.
Thanks both of you . I cant really figure it out and feel kind of weird asking non stop questions via email to the customer since i dont want to come across as accusing. I noticed the bottom tier flowers maybe the whole cake shifted...and the top cake spinned while on the dowel? Is there anything specific to use between the top tier board and bottom tier buttercream?, i did just use tape under the cake onto the foil board..but ive used that all the time.
Hi there. I did a small tiered cake using straws as support on the botton tier and a dowel through the center. The customer met me at my meeting place where i placed it into her car ( flat surface) when she reached the party she said as it got moved to the table....the top tier fell over and the number on top broke and also ruined the bottom tier. Just wondering if anyone can give me insight on how i can avoid this from happening? And what could cause this to happen? First...
I've searched, and still am..for any tutorials out there. If you have any, or any ideas, i'd love to hear them!   See lots of inspirational photos... from ones laying down to ones standing and ones sitting up.  Thinking of sitting up would be the easiest to try to duplicate...   Please list any hints - thanks !!
Hi - ive baked a giant chocolate chip cookie lots of times. I wouldn't consider this a cake, so not sure if its the same you are talking about - I've done it and the cookie still tasted great a few days later so it should be okay.  This was just a chocolate chip cookie made into a 10inch round.
haha - oh yeah I guess I could! Totally over thinking it im sure! Thanks!!
I am going to be making a cake to look like this one pictured: Only need it to feed 5 people.. Originally was going to do a 6 inch round, (4 inch high) - but wondering if the elephant would have to wrap around too much?   Do you think a 8 inch single layer may look more proportionate?  Sometimes I tend to over think things..haha   Thanks to all who may have an opinion on this!  
I have a race track cake made, it's covered in black fondant.  I will have two  hot wheels cars on top, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make it look like burnout marks behind them?   Thanks!
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