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I've searched, and still am..for any tutorials out there. If you have any, or any ideas, i'd love to hear them!   See lots of inspirational photos... from ones laying down to ones standing and ones sitting up.  Thinking of sitting up would be the easiest to try to duplicate...   Please list any hints - thanks !!
Hi - ive baked a giant chocolate chip cookie lots of times. I wouldn't consider this a cake, so not sure if its the same you are talking about - I've done it and the cookie still tasted great a few days later so it should be okay.  This was just a chocolate chip cookie made into a 10inch round.
haha - oh yeah I guess I could! Totally over thinking it im sure! Thanks!!
I am going to be making a cake to look like this one pictured: Only need it to feed 5 people.. Originally was going to do a 6 inch round, (4 inch high) - but wondering if the elephant would have to wrap around too much?   Do you think a 8 inch single layer may look more proportionate?  Sometimes I tend to over think things..haha   Thanks to all who may have an opinion on this!  
I have a race track cake made, it's covered in black fondant.  I will have two  hot wheels cars on top, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make it look like burnout marks behind them?   Thanks!
Thanks!! Ill pull up that recipe right now..With the whipping cream in it, is it okay to not put in the fridge and let sit out for a couple of days, or that would be a big no no?
Hi all - I found a few older threads with some recipes that are suppose to taste like whipped cream, I tried a few and didn't really get the results I like....  I really like this cooked recipe, to me its very similar to a whipped cream not sweet taste...   Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling 3 tablespoon Flour 1/2 cup milk (whole milk is best, but I use non-fat when it’s all I have and it’s actually fine) 1/2 cup real butter (I prefer salted, but you can use...
Hi, I have a question:   For those that use ganache under fondant - Do you give your customers a choice, ganache or buttercream - or do you just go with what you know?   Im trying hard to get sharper edges when it comes to both buttercream cakes, and cakes with fondant - and it seems a lot of sites tell you to use ganache under fondant (altho everywhere I see is buttercream cakes with nice sharp edges too !! grrr) - so just wondering... Do you just do what you...
here's what I used when I made them last month:
What do you think is the main reason why you can see parts of your cake under your buttercream before and after you smooth?   Is the buttercream too thin? Not enough on it? Every now and then I get this problem, and I feel like I put enough on there...and sometimes the buttercream seems too soft when I start to smooth it w/ the viva paper towel..maybe that's why?   any thoughts would be great!
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