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As fun as those emails are, I advise against them. It just makes the scammers better at what they they do as they are being told what is tipping you off to the scam.I do love that the community warns others about them though
Congrats on becoming a Wmi! Sounds like you are already starting on the right path. You posted some great pointers, and congrats to you also.
Did you get your reply yet?
I have used the contact form a few days ago with no response so thought I might try here. I received a gift subscription, and with every issue have had to go through the contact form to receive a link, this time with no response. I would love to read through the magazine and discuss it here on the forum with others.For those who have received their issue of 3-3, do you have a favorite article or cake from it?
Cakesage, what sweet and positive message! Thank you for posting it. It really is nice see.I too, mourn the loss of Borders. It was a good book store.
Thanks for the reply! The photos sound lovely. There is nothing wrong preferring print. I too was looking forward to print and I understand about not being able to use as a coffee table book. It doesn't make you weird. Usually I am of the same opinion.I will admit, digital is easier at times too though. I'd rather have a digital copy then none at all. Did the issue you did receive inspire you to make any special cakes?
Thank you again for the timely response. Perhaps I was not clear enough in the first post also and am partly to blame. I am sure you are kept pretty busy answering magazine questions among other things also! Still looking forward to learning more about the mag itself , I did choose to keep the subscription and will be excited when the first (or next) issue can be downloaded.
While one of my questions was answered, my other, directed about the magazine (to the cakecentral community) itself was not. Totally on topic for this board as well. Therefore, I do not understand the locking.I would love to hear more feedback about the mag itself from customers who have received copies, be it the print or current downloads. Like what do you look forward to in the mag? What was your favorite issue? The the edition about the sugar art show include a write...
Thank you for the timely response!
Okay, so I received a subscription as a gift this Christmas. The person who had purchased said gift send me a forward of the email. With the new digital format, will she get all the digital copies instead of me? While I am a bit bummed there will be no physical copy, I am more concerned that I will have to bother the gift giver every month just to receive the copy.For those of you that have had issues and love the magazine, would you suggest picking up the digital back...
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