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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I cannot wait to try this out! You are great at explaining your technique, if you can get me to understand you've really done something!
Ok, I am glad that made sense!! Sometimes I am not very good at explaining what I've done. I can't wait to see your cake!
Hi, I don't know if this is what you mean exactly or not, but I made a cake with a Scooby head "popping out" of the top of the cake. The client just wanted a plain old 2d Scooby head, so it was a little easier. I just set Scooby up in the cake, then used the same color fondant as I had wrapped the layer with and cut out long skinny triangles. For effect I used the color I had wrapped the other layer in as inner triangles. I made the 2nd color triangles smaller, and stuck...
I just used this pan set for my first topsy turvy cake and I didn't have any problems with it. I didn't have to use the largest two, I do think some sort of heating core would be a good idea there. I did still have to carve out a level place for the next tier to sit on, but having the cakes nice and even and already "tilted" was a real life saver for me since I'd never done that part. I'm sorry some folks are having such a bad time with them. Fat Daddio's has a chart on...
Thank you for doing this, I have a graduation party coming up and I think she will want one of these. My question (and I know you are tired of answering them!) is did you transport this cake, and if so do you have any suggestions for getting it to the party in one piece? Also, what size styrofoam ball did you use to put 33 cupcakes on? I really can't get over this, you did such a great job!!
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