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thanks everyone! I'm going to try that!
Where can I find this round scalloped cutter on top of these cakes???  with the little holes in it?  thank you!!
here is the bag
Hello everyone! I have a friend who wants a cake in the form of her favorite handbag. It's a White canvas bag with a large Eiffel Tower printed across it. I have never done anything with edible images or transfers. I know the local cake supply shop can print transfers for you, but how does this work? Do I just lay the image on the fondant and it rubs off?? or what? I'm so lost and don't want to mess this up. Any ideas or suggestions?? Im going to attach the inspiration...
thanks so much for your response and tips!! I really appreciate it, yours looks great!
Hello, what are you suggestions on pulling off a design like this? Has anyone made one of these towers and care to share any tips? How in the world do you go about delivering it? Would you attach the top of the tower at the location? thank you, any tips or advice are greatly appreciated!
I just use a set of graduated diamond cutters to make the impressions after I cover the cake in fondant. That way I can change the size of the pattern.
thank you so much Denise! I would have never thought of that, you explained it perfectly!!
How do you get the even top scalloped eges like on the top of each tier on this cake? Does that question make sense?
it's really quite easy! I searched "fondant swags" on youtube and there are a ton of videos. You simply roll out all of your pieces of fondant or gumpaste in a rectangle the same length and width that you want to swag. Place two or 3 skewers, lollypop sticks, etc... under the cut rectangle piece and press to mark the indentions. Flip over and gather at the ends.. if that doesn't make sense, just search for the videos, there are a lot of them! good luck.
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