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You can also get the "Cupcake Creations" liners at Marshalls.  Since it is a discount store, they are sporadic, but they are only about 3.00.
I guess I just don't know what I am doing wrong.  I have done cakes that came out beautifully, but I have also had some that softened and bulged slightly where the buttercream filling seemed to leak out a little.  Sometimes it is the simple things that throw us.  Should I refrigerate the iced cake before putting the fondant covering?  Will it still stick to the fondant after the icing is given time to firm up? 
I have been decorating cakes now for about 2 years and I am constantly learning new things.  Recently I found a post on CC about bulges and problems with fondant caused by the buttercream fillings.  Is it really worth it to make a batch of SMBC?  Is it difficult?  I have 3 children and I know I can whip a batch of buttercream icing up in 5-10 minutes.  If it is worth the effort of making the SMBC, does anyone know a really good recipe to use?  I am doing a free cake this...
Simple question...I was wondering how people out there transport their fondant covered cakes to avoid cracking. The other day I delivered a baby shower cake that was stacked with 2 tiers and the botter tier fondant cracked on the side. I had plenty of decorations to cover up the spot, but is there something that you all use to help "cushion" these cakes against bumps and road issues?
Thanks for all the tips, I do realize that Purple was not a primary color from past Art Classes, but thanks anyway for pointing that out.I guess I have had the idea that you use the toothpick method to keep adding in the coloring. I think I am going to have to adjust this method.Thanks to all of you for the tips.
I need some advice. How do you make buttercream icing into the primary colors like bright red and royal blue and most importantly purple! I have been doing cakes for a couple of years, and I have yet to master coloring the buttercream! With red it always comes out a muddy looking burgandy, with blue, I am usually close, but with purple, it looks more like a shade of blue. Any suggestions other than simply buying it colored, I will welcome!
I have a wedding cake this weekend and am having serious difficulties perfecting the scrollwork. I did purchase the first impressions scrollwork mold, but the mold itself is much more shallow than I was expecting. I don't know how to even get the fondant to stay in it! I have tried multiple times, and then thrown it to the side in frustration. The technique for filling this mold has to be similar to that of the lace molds, but since I have never done this either, I am...
Has anyone ever used a chocolate buttercream filling and then iced the cake in a regular white buttercream frosting. I have to cover the finished product in fondant. Does this seem like a mix of too many flavors?? Would love some feedback or welcome any suggestions. I hear alot about the whipped ganache fillings too, but also am wondering how that would mix using the plain buttercream and then fondant icing. I have never used ganache and worry about trying for the...
I am looking for somewhere to purchase 2 silver wedding cake stands. I love having these whether to display at parties or put a cake on. I need one 14" Square, Silver looking, good quality stand and another that is 16" round. Does anyone know a reputable source to purchase one or more online. I have always found e-bay, but I don't trust all the sellers. Any suggestions???
Do you happen to have a recipe?
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