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Thank you! They will be the 6" and 8" tiers so I should be ok. Thanks for the help:)
So, all the recipes I find for rum cake call for a bundt pan, but I have a bride that wants it for the top two tiers of her wedding cake which is square. Will I have any problems putting those recipes in square pans? Thanks, Chelsea L.
I am making a 4 tiered wedding cake. The bride wants a cheesecake type filling in WASC cake. I found 2 no-bake cheesecake recipes here on CC that I thought I could use as the filling, but then the thought occurred to me that they may not do well with freezing. One is made with cheesecake pudding mix and heavy cream and the other is made with cream cheese, whipped topping, and sugar. Any thoughts?? My other question is: once i get the cakes filled and dirty iced with...
Thanks everybody. I have a new one in the oven. I would rather not have to sweat it out from now till tomorrow night.
it's on a cake board and a base board but i am going to put the plastic dowels and a long wooden dowel through the whole thing. The cracked layer has to support the whole cake.If I put one of the dowels too close to the crack will it make it spread?
HELP! I am dirty icing a 3 tiered wedding cake. 9hex, 12 hex and 14 square when as I'm putting my 14' square together (after being frozen) has a crack in it! Is it ok to use? This cake is due tomorrow!! I'm scared to use it but i'm afraid I don't have time to make a new one. Any help is appreciated.
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