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This similar thread might be of some help to you
Thank you auntginn 
Ah right thank you IAmPamCakes 
Anyone??   can you use ordinary liquid food colouring from the supermarket or do you have to buy special airbrushing colours?   
I agree, I think the cake is more overdone 
Hi Everyone,   I just wanted to ask, I'm thinking of buying an Airbrush machine,   My question is could ordinary liquid food colouring be used in the machine?    Thanks 
  LOL!! Thanks costumeczar! It looks great! haha! 
Hi Everyone! I just wanted to ask how everyone is?    I haven't been on here for ages!    I'm on a Cake Dec course now 
  lol Thanks Kazita 
  I'm from the UK Kazita, is Wal-Mart really cheap? lol! 
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