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There should be a picture icon on top of the reply box. Looking forward to seeing them!
Ok stupid question, just realised they're probably just coloured water right? Haha
Beautiful, thank you for sharing . Can I ask, how did you do the ice cubes? What are they made of?
Great tutorials! Love the chocolate cups, might try them out one day.
Lol I don't think you need to worry about anything. It was an April fools joke! YouTube is a multi million company it will not be shutting down.
I'll be honest with you, it could be cleaner. But i don't think it's at the stage where it should get a refund, he just wants a cheaper cake. Don't lose sleep over it. Does it say anything in the contract about your refund policy?
I guess it's just matter of personal taste, I find American buttercream too sweet for my liking and I hate making it seeing all that powdered sugar go everywhere. My favourite icings are chantilly cream or crème pâtissier but since they're perishable fillings I don't really use them. But yes I agree it's just a matter of personal taste what one might not like another will love. Don't be disheartened by the comments.
Not sure what your ratios are, but for SMBC which is similar to IMBC (I think). I use the 1:2:2 ratio instead of 1:2:3 which is eggs:sugar:butter. It doesn't affect the stability as mentioned above but does make it taste better, I actually forgot to add vanilla once and everyone still loved the taste.
Glad your feeling better I worked in a bakery as a Saturday job last year just for some extra income. I didn't know much about decorating then, had just started, so was amazed at the top decorators even if it was just simple two layer cake smoothed in buttercream and a border I was like wow! One baker used to do 45 cakes a day he was exhausted at the end but I guess that's what you would expect for that sort of job. I stopped working this year as my uni workload has got...
If I've learnt one thing since I started making cakes, its that those that want 'free' cake don't appreciate your work or the effort that goes into making a cake. This doesn't apply to me with family as I'm a still a student so live with my family. They eat all the cake I practice on ( and can actually get sick of cake lol) but it does with friends who just want a free cake or a cake for £20. I used to buckle over and do it for 'practice' but it just got ridiculous. After...
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