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Great cake, I like the bright colours and the top effect. I would say the second tier looks a bit loop-sided, maybe work on getting the butercream super level and smooth before you apply the fondant? This is much easier to do with ganache. Overall it's nice a cake, also there's a cake club thread where you can post your pictures and everyone will give their opinions and tips on how to improve.
Very pretty!
Here's the link:
There's a thread called gourmet flavours on CC, all types of great sounding flavours check it out
If the wedding was on Saturday I would, bake the cakes as soon as I can. wrap them very well freeze them. Would bake the cupcakes two days in advance and decorate the day before, I would ice and decorate the cake on Friday. I always finish everything the night before. Wouldn't want to leave any chance for a disaster on the day. I like to work comfortably and not have so much to do in one day as I will just get tired and not achieve my best work. I think baking cupcakes,...
I would think its the same as you using fondant, which you can make a month in advance and store in a cardboard box.
I was thinking the same thing the other day.. So many tutorials, anyone can just go and learn and be a 'cake decorator'. The thing is they don't. From my own experience to succeed you need to be COMMITED! I spent a lot of money and time learning and perfecting my skills beacause i love cake decorating, and I still don't consider myself a professional. A lot of people 'want to do something cool like this' but they won't invest the time or money. Yes you can watch the...
beautiful! good job!
Thank you for the link, I have always just read ingredients lists when I buy something, that way you can't go wrong in what your eating
It might be a brand thing, where do you buy your fondant from? I am hobby baker so don't need to deal with costumers (thank god lol). I just use vegetarian products on my cakes, just mentioned kosher as an option.
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