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I understand that they may taste the same or may be better for some people. However they are still filled with chemicals and you can't deny that. The chemicals is what makes them last for ages and the reason why you can just add milk or water and you have a cake. I Have nothing against people using them, whatever floats your boat. Just thought I'll mention that
No worries it really is a great cake! I learnt with getting fondant smooth you need to have a super smooth base. I see your using ganache so that's good! Just keep practising I'm sure you'll be producing great cakes
I think that's a great 2nd cake! Well done! Which parts are you worried about?
Found some on eBay, but they may be more expensive then the ones you are looking at... Come to $0.14 each.. I can't comment on the Wilton ones since I haven't used them, but they may give the same results as others mentioned they are pretty good.
Not entirely sure where they are made, I saw them being used at the bakery I used to work in so assumed that they were good. They are very sturdy, the bakers used to fill them in again and again, we also use them in my pastry school. I forgot that they may not be available In the US, so this was probably unhelpful.. Sorry.. They may sell them on eBay though
Hello, I am a hobby baker in London, I believe that you have to contact your local council and speak to them about it, set up and appointment to inspect your kitchen. You will also need liability insurance if your selling to the public. Your council should give you more information on this. Hope this is helpful, as I haven't been through this process myself but that's what I've been told by other decorators.
It may be best to write up a declaration form, that the costumer is happy with the cake and all is well upon delivery, and get a signature before leaving. That way they can't contact you after they enjoyed the cake saying they don't like it.
I'm not sure which piping bang your referring to. I use disposable blue ones, I hate washing bags so I find these very handy and haven't had a problem with them. Here's the link for the ones I use:
I don't think those are real car keys- just fondant decorations. In terms if pricing you need to break it all down like Jason adviced
Hello, Yes, I don't see why it won't. I have used ganache on red velvet before, came out great!
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