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Also you want it to be relatively hard when using under fondant it helps with cleaner edges
How long has it been sitting out for? It's perfectly normal for it to set hard. Just whiz it in the microwave for 30 seconds then short intervals till it becomes smoother mixing well in between, then ice your cake. It will set hard after sitting out so just reheat as needed. You didn't do anything wrong, that's just how it works.
That is a beautiful cake! Well done!
Bake even strips will make a massive difference. I made my own with an old tea towel, just soak it and pin around the slide of the cake pan
To the OP I'm really sorry that your going through this, people are so inconsiderate, which is why I think that charging them for tastings will definitely weed them out, they wouldn't want to waste their money but they have no problem wasting your time. Although I understand your reasoning in not doing so. Keep your head up high, if they are so inconsiderate they are probably doing you a favour and saving you from their hassle. I hope you find others that appreciate your...
I just realised that you are The Yuma couture! Love your work! Beautiful cake as ever.Sorry had to express my little excitement
I'd also like to add that it might be a good idea to charge her if you would be making cupcakes or something similar for a tasting, then offer her a deduction of that cost if she goes ahead with the order. Since she knows which flavours she wants and is still insisting on a tasting, it makes me question if she just wants free cake. I've had that happen to me before, spent ours making decorated cupcakes then nothing came from it... Never again!
Your welcome
hello milliamo, ill try to answer some of your questions. hope this helped :)
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