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how much is it costing you and how much time will you be spending making it? count that up than charge a reasonable hourly rate for your work. 
I feel your pain! Smbc and hand held mixers just don't agree with each other. I've been in your situation before, mixer jumping and everything lol I stopped using it as i was too scared to carry on. I got a lovely ka now, I can't live without it! Not very helpful to your dilemma but if your in the curdling stage you haven't got long to go now. Try beating it by hand but I would try to think of an alternative for the other batches. Not sure how much hand beating your poor...
That is a beautiful cake! well done! we are our worst critics.
Have you checked that your oven has the right temperature? Double check it with an oven thermometer
Wow! I feel for you, I once made 250 cupcakes and it took me forever! I can't get my head around 1500. I think you got some good suggestions on the sheet cakes. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
Thank you, yes I agree it would look better the other way round. I wanted to Make a white rose so that's why I made the top red, I agree with you though. 175 sounds good, I was thinking around the 200 mark myself so not far off
ThThank you Nora for your help, I meant costs in terms of what it cost me to make not what I would charge. It's probably cost more the. It would if I bought wholesale and watched my spending though
Hello everyone :)   I know this is one of those hated questions on this forum, but I'm really intrigueD to know what is the going price for this cake in the uk market. I live in london to be specific. I made this cake for my friends engagement party, its a 8inch lemon cake with lemon smb and curd filling and a 6in strawberry cake. All ganached then covered in fondant. If i was to put an approximate price on costs i would say £50-60. Anyway, I'm more interested in...
I will find this insulting, she obviously doesn't value your time or your work. I'll give her money back and tell her she can try somewhere else
Literally laughed out loud! Love it!
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