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I used diluted piping gel (1/2 vodka, 1/2 piping gel) and applied with a very wide paint brush. It took a while to dry but worked fine. Didn't have time to buy anything else. Also did a test with diluted black gel food coloring, which gave a nice shine too but seemed gross to me to add more food coloring to something already saturated with color (since it was going on top of black fondant).
thanks to everyone for their help.  Attached is the final product.  Client was thrilled and I was quite surprised at how easy it was.  I really over-thought this one I think...   thanks again!
Unfortunately I can't remember where I got the ink or paper. I don't use it very often. Delicious Desserts, What kind of paper do you use?
I've had similar issues with color fades/changes.  Especially black-- which unfortunately fades to a green.  Would also love to know if someone knows of a way to treat the paper after it's printed to 'seal in' the color or of a particular edible paper and/or edible ink brand that doesn't have the same issue.
thanks for the link. Confectioners glaze have a taste?  The description makes it sound as if it's not really meant to be eaten?  I'll try to figure out how to find your gallery now... sometimes this site is very hard to navigate.  You'd think if I click your name it'd be able to find a link to your cakes but that's not included in the profile info it takes you to.  arg!   thanks again for all the help!
thank you so much for the feedback.  what is confectioners glaze?  do you know if that's different from piping gel?  also, when you paneled with fondant, did you do it in one piece (wrapped horizontally around the bottle) or two pieces, on in the front one in the back, so you end up with two seams on the sides?   Oh, and did the black look realistic?  Red wine bottles are so dark I'm inclined to do that but have read about so many people doing dark green and painting it...
I know there have been a lot of wine bottle posts/threads but most are about horizontal/laying down bottles, or bottles not made from cake (made from dried gumpaste and/or RCT).  I need to make a standing, to-scale (or close to scale) 3D bottle made out of cake.    I plan to secure a dowel to my cake board which will run through the entire cake.  I'm going to bake in sheets an cut out circles with my circle cutter, stack, use cardboard separators every 3 or 4 layers...
your bottle is great and the color looks almost black in the picture.  Do you think the green fondant plus brown painting over it is worth all the effort, or can I get away with just using black fondant (for red wne?). 
not waxy at all... these are the ones I get.  $12 for 500!   I love Global Sugar Art... so far best prices I've found. You have any faves?
I prefer paper, and always use chocolate brown ones for every flavor cupcake I do. For some reason they look very appetizing in that color to me, and I prefer the simplicity of them looks-wise vs the ones with designs or colors that fade or can be a little transparent. The deep brown color is totally opaque and looks good with any color topping. I only use good liners I get in bulk from cake supply companies. The kinds you can buy elsewhere never hold up as well IMO (I...
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